Philhealth Rights of OFWs

Philhealth Rights of OFWs

My OFW Legend is a public provider program that tracks the bright journeys of In a foreign country Filipino Staff all around the globe. In a foreign country Filipino Staff (OFWs) are hailed as the country’s unique economic heroes for his or her efforts in uplifting the lives of their households and bolstering the nationwide economy by remittances. In provider to this truly handy sector My OFW Legend brings to perspective present disorders going by Filipino migrant workers and educates them on present insurance policies so that they’ll be made conscious of their rights and be ready to guard themselves. Through re-enactment of deepest tales, viewers are given a peep of the daunting working stipulations these vogue of workers face on a each day basis. The program moreover reaches out to abet resolve right-existence cases of OFWs fast of fast aid. My OFW Legend is hosted by Atty. Wilhelm Soriano, ragged Administrator of the In a foreign country Staff’ Welfare Administration (OWWA).

My OFW Legend
UNTV Channel 37
Friday, 7:00p.m. To 8:00 p.m.

Aired: August 01, 2014

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